Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday Quote of the Week - What is Meditation?

“When the past thought has ceased, and a future thought has not yet risen, isn’t there a gap? Well, prolong it. That’s meditation.”
  ~Jamyang Khyentse
    (Quoted in Elephant Journal)

Do you have a personal definition for meditation?


Brittany said...

Excellent quote on describing meditation

Vern said...

Thanks, Brittany

There's a good, short yoga video I've been using on pranayama. In the video, the instructor compares the space between two breaths to the space between two thoughts, being stillness. Fascinating! So to control the breath is key to controlling the mind...

Perhaps I'll post the video in my next training tips feature. Breath control is important to a runner, just as it is to a yogi.

Muriel said...

very nice quotation! it describes it to a T.